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Visit Khevsureti

Posted on 2018-08-08    |    Sightseeing
Visit Khevsureti

Khevsureti, Khevsuretiya, Khevsuria (cargo ხევსურეთი from cargo ხევი - Gorge) is a historical region in the northeast of Georgia. The population of Khevsureti-Khevsure (Georgian ხევსურები) is an ethnographic group of Georgians, traditionally living in high-mountainous societies, in which there was no class distinction. In the Middle Ages and the feudal period Khevsurs were exempted from any taxes, but were obliged to protect the northern borders of Georgia. During the invasions of Kartli and Kakheti the Khevsurs sent an army in support of the kings of Kartli and Kakheti. Khevsurs played an important role in the Bakhtrion uprising of 1659-1660.

Despite the fact that Khevsurs profess Christianity and are parishioners of the Georgian church, an important role in the life of Khevsur is played by archaic pre-Christian traditions. The most important objects in Khevsureti are the villages of Shatili and Mutso, with medieval fortresses, as well as the fortresses of Hahmati, Akhieli and Lebais Kari.