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Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of the Georefund card, you can return part of your expenses that the "Tax-Free" and "Tax Refund" system does not return. In particular, you can return some of the sums you spend for hotel accommodation, meals in restaurants and fast food systems, entertainment, renting a car or other vehicle, the services of beauty salons or fitness centers as well as other expenses, which you will carry in more than 200 of the best service and trade organizations of Georgia - partners of the "Georefund" card.

In different partner organizations, the percentage of return is different and amounts up to 30% of the sums you spent. The percentage returned by partner organizations is listed on and in the mobile application "GeoRefund".

For what do you want. For accommodation in a hotel, for food in a restaurant, for entertainment, for buying a wine or souvenirs, if you need - for dental services, in one word, for everything that "Georefund" card partners offer you.

In the partner organizations of the "GeoRefund" cards, in a prominent place, stickers are posted, which indicate that this organization is a partner of the "GeoRefund" card. If you do not see this striker, don't hesitate - contact any member of the organization and get relevant information from him.

Both sums are automatically fixed by software Georefund System developed by us and any user who passed the activation procedure has access to his account

The list of partner companies, their addresses, and descriptions of services can be found on the web page: or on the mobile application "GeoRefund".

When you receive a service or purchase a product in partner organizations, after payment you will receive a receipt - confirmation of payment. Pass this receipt jointly with your card to the cashier, and he will record the amount spent by you and the accrued amount in the program "GeoRefund".

Very fast. This procedure requires 20 to 30 seconds.

To be able to control the amount of money transfer, you need to enter your account in the "GeoRefund" system.

If you purchased "Georefund" card online from our website, your card is automatically activated and you have access to your account from the very beginning, as described in the instructions for buying online. If you do not buy the card online, (from any of our dealers), you must go through the procedure for activating your card account (see the appropriate section of and you will get access to your account.

Your funds will be accumulated and then they will be returned to you in any case. If you do not pass the activation procedure, you only will not be able to use your account and see the accumulated amounts, the return of which will necessarily take place.

You can purchase the card online from our website or from any of our dealer.        

There is no functional difference, both electronic card and a physical card have an identification code that works equally in the "Refund" system.

You can receive the accumulated with the "Refund" card amounts, in any of Georgian airports, at the border checkpoints of Georgia and the special refund offices opened by us in the cities of Georgia (their list and addressed you can see here: or in GeoRefund's mobile application).

GeoRefund cardholders are provided with a free mobile phone number, free 1000 MB of the Internet and free 20 minutes of conversation with any phone in Georgia. To receive this bonus, you must either contact the offices of the leader of mobile communication in Georgia, the company MagtiCom (see List of offices: see here or our representatives will help you activate the Internet and phone.