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Visit Kakheti

Posted on 2018-08-08    |    Sightseeing
Visit Kakheti

 Kakheti is a famous wine region in the east of Georgia. Saparavi, Tsinandali, Khvanchkara - all these names of local wines caress the rumor and sound like a song. But not only wines are interesting for Kakheti: there are ancient monasteries, fortresses, hard-to-reach mountains, Alazani Valley and many more.

Alaverdi (cathedral)
Alaverdi is a cathedral of the first quarter of the XI century (St. George's Cathedral) and a monastic complex near the village of the same name in the Akhmeta municipality of Kakheti, Georgia.

The height of the cathedral is about 50 m, the height of the interior is above 42 m. Prior to the construction of Tsminda Sameba in Tbilisi, the Cathedral of Alaverdi was the highest church building in Georgia.

The cathedral has preserved the murals of the 15th century.

The Alaverdi Cathedral is presented for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


is a complex of Georgian cave monasteries of the VI century, located 60 km southeast of Tbilisi, on the Georgian-Azerbaijani border, and stretching for 25 km along the slopes of the semi-desert Gareja ridge. The state border between Georgia and Azerbaijan divides the monastery complex David-Gareji into two parts.
The complex is carved in the rocks of about 20 monasteries. The main monastery is the monastery of St. David, which is located on the northern slope of the mountain, separating Georgia and Azerbaijan. The border passes along the top of the mountain, which Georgian historians call Udabno, after the name of one of the monasteries. This monastery is on the Azerbaijani territory - on the southern slope of the mountain. In addition to them, on the southern slope of the mountain there are more than 100 caves, which were used by monks as cells. The most remote from the border is the Bertubani monastery (dating from the 12th century), which is about two kilometers from it.
Frescoes of the 8th-14th centuries were preserved in many churches and refectory monasteries. with portraits of historical figures, including a portrait of Queen Tamara.


Sighnaghi is a small town in eastern Georgia, on the mountainside, in the historical region of Kakheti. Center for the Historical and Geographical Region of Kiziki. It is located on terraces, connected by winding steep streets.
It is famous for its eponymous fortress, which is included in the list of the most famous and large fortresses of Georgia. The walls of the Signan fortress miraculously survived and today surround the old part of the city and go far beyond the city borders. On the perimeter of the walls there are 28 watchtowers, from which a wonderful view of the Alazani valley opens.


Telavi is the historical capital of all Kakheti, located to the north-east of Tbilisi.
The city was founded around the 8th century, when the first fortress appeared on the site of a modern one. Telavi at one time was the capital of independent Kakheti.
The most important sight of Telavi - the castle was the residence of the kings of Kakheti in the 17th and 18th centuries. The fortress is  in shape square , and inside there is the house in which King Irakly II was born and raised, as well as the remains of a dilapidated church and a chapel. There is also a nice observation deck overlooking the Alazani valley, and from the outside of the fortress you can see the monument to Irakli II on horseback.


Lagodekhi Reserve

Lagodekhi Reserve is located in northeastern Georgia, on the southern slopes of the Caucasus. The reserve will border Azerbaijan and Dagestan. The difference in altitude ranges from 590 to 3500 meters above sea level, mountain slopes cut through several gorges. The largest rivers flowing through the territory of nature protection zones are Ninosnavi, Shromishevi, Lagodekhitskali and Mizimisktsali; on the heights there are glacial lakes, the largest of which is Khala-Hel, a depth of 14 meters, located on the border with Dagestan. On the territory of the reserve there are sulfur springs.

Lopota Resort

The Lopota Resort is a hotel complex located in the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia, 100 km from the capital Tbilisi and 26 km from city of Telavi. The resort offers a recreation zone stretched over one million square meters. The resort boasts a lake surrounded by eight hotels. The complex is able to accommodate more than 200 people.Lopota Resort's adventure center offers its guests wine tours, cultural tours in Kakheti region and other entertainment facilities.


The founder of Georgian romanticism Alexander Chavchavadze turned his estate into a cultural and intellectual center of Georgia. Tsinandali still plays a significant role in the cultural life of Georgia, exhibitions, concerts, literary events and master classes are held here.

Today Tsinandali complex unites a house museum, an ornamental garden, a historic winery, a cellar, a hotel and a cafe. Vineyards have been revived and wine production has been renewed. Here you can have a pleasant time: enjoy the beauty of the ornamental garden, visit the wine cellar, taste the wine of Tsinandali and other Georgian wines.

Kakheti traditional winemaking
Today, the wines of Georgia around the world are famous for their Kakhetian wine making technology. The essence of this method is the storage and aging of wine in special jars, cone-shaped - kvevri (capacity up to 500 decaliters). Kvevri is buried in the ground, leaving only a hole in the pitcher on the surface. This immersion allows achieving a relatively constant temperature (14 degrees), ideal for fermentation and storage of wort, which is still pressed from the grapes by feet. The irreproachable quality of Georgian wine is the result of a unique Kakhetian method.