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Tbilisi loves you: tourist guide

Posted on 2018-08-08    |    Sightseeing
Tbilisi loves you: tourist guide

 Tbilisi loves you: tourist guide 

The delightful beauty of nature, hospitable people and the richest history of Georgia will hardly leave indifferent even the experienced traveler. About the most valuable treasures and interesting places of its capital - Tbilisi - we will tell in this post.


Narikala Fortress

Everyone who visits Tbilisi must see this fortress. Ancient building, located on the Holy Mountain in the heart of the city, is not in vain considered one of the main attractions of Tbilisi. It is not only the oldest monument of the city, there are an inexpressible energy and the atmosphere of a centuries-old history, and from the walls of the fortress, there is a beautiful view of the city below.


Small tip: you can go to the fortress by foot or by cable car (costs 2 Lari). And do not forget to wear the comfortable shoes - there are no convenient paths on the territory of the fortress.


Ethnographical Museum

All the diversity of Georgian history under one roof, more precisely - the sky. Here, the real Georgia in miniature: traditional houses and outbuildings, interior and tools, collected from all regions. It's no wonder that the ethnographic museum is firmly held in the list of popular places for tourists. Therefore, if you want to get to know this wonderful country more closely, you should come here.


The ethnographic museum is located in the Vake park right at the Turtle Lake. So you can combine a cognitive Tbilisi free tour of the museum with a walk by the lake.


Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00, Monday - closed. The entrance costs 3 lari.

Costs: 10 GEL.

You can get here by bus number 82 to the stop "Vake", and then by taxi or by the foot.


Botanical Garden

Where to go to Tbilisi, if you want to relax and enjoy nature? Of course, in the botanical garden.


The Tbilisi Botanical Garden is located in the center of the capital of Georgia and is rightfully considered one of its main assets. It's no joke: in the collection, there are more than 3500 rare plants, and all this is collected in a surprisingly harmonious, harmonious ensemble. In the garden, it is nice to look at a hot summer day to enjoy the coolness of fountains and picturesque waterfalls, wander along shady paths or stroll along the bridge of Queen Tamara, thrown across a rocky gorge.


The Botanical Garden is in the Old Town, just behind the Narikala fortress. The entrance costs 1 GEL.


Schedule: Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00, Monday - closed.


The closest stop to the garden is the Institute of Botany (buses No. 4, 10, 90, 103, 106, 112, 124).


The Cathedral of Tsminda Sameba

Georgia is also famous for its original temples, and the Tbilisi Cathedral of Tsminda Sameba (Holy Trinity) is perhaps the most famous of them. It is considered a symbol of modern Georgia and is also the highest of its temple - only 101 meters with a complex of church and office buildings.

We, as your Tbilisi travel guide, recommend to visit this amazingly beautiful place: the facades, decorated with arches and several rows of unique carvings, the artful painting of walls and, of course, the main treasure of the temple are icons painted by the hand of Patriarch Ilia II himself (in particular, the image of the Blessed Virgin, which is at the entrance). An immense impression is produced also by a huge modern manuscript Bible near the altar.


The cathedral is open from 9:00 to 20:00.


You can get here by metro (Avlabari station) or by buses 91 or 122 to the Sameba stop.


Lisi Lake

Another picturesque corner of the unique beautiful Georgian nature not far from Tbilisi. It is good to come here to rest in the heat or just walk along the quay, sit on a bench and feed almost tame ducks, enjoying beautiful views and fresh air, filled with pine flavors. Around the lake there is a park, there is a bath complex, tennis courts, boat rental and go-karting. In summer, there is a children's and an adult rope park, so everyone will find a lesson for themselves.


Address: St. Beritashvili, Lake Lisi, Vake-Saburtalinsky district. The nearest metro station is Delizi, but you can get there by bus from the railway station in Tbilisi (just ask the driver if he is going to the lake).


Bridge of Peace
This impressive glass construction, spread over the Mtkvari River, connects the Old Town and modern Tbilisi. From the bridge there is an excellent panorama to many sights of the city, so do not miss the chance to make a couple of great photos! In the evening, the bridge looks even more futuristic with lights shimmering with different colors, of which there are nearly 30 thousand.


The cool feature of the Bridge of Peace, because of which it got its name, is an interactive light system on its parapets, which every hour depicts one of the elements of the periodic table existing in the human body with the help of the Morse code.


You can get there by bus to the stop "European Square" (№ 31, 44, 50, 55, 71, 80, 102, it will be necessary to go through the park Rikey) or to the stop "Temple of Sioni" (№ 31, 44, 50 , 55, 71, 80, 102).


The Funicular

Funicular - the pearl of the city of Tbilisi. This is a great creation, stunning by its appearance and functionality. The Tbilisi funicular unites the central part of the city with an entertainment park on Mtatsminda Mountain. In the translation of Mtatsminda - Holy Mountain, which is a one-wire rope railway, located on the hill of Mtatsminda. Do you want to view all the landscapes and sights of the city? It is only worth a ride on an electric trailer and will be rewarded with a wonderful panorama from a bird's eye view.


Along the way, the trailer makes three stops: on the final (arranged on a mountain plateau) is an amusement park.

One way ticket costs - 2 GEL.


Tbilisi puppet theater

In Tbilisi on Shavteli street, house 26, there is the real kingdom of magic and fairy tales - the Tbilisi puppet theater Rezo Gabriadze. If time and budget allow you, be sure to visit one of their representations - lyrical, subtle and very kind. An excellent option for visiting with children (pre-check with the poster and choose a suitable performance).


Memorial "History of Georgia"

This monumental ensemble of 64 figures is somewhat reminiscent of Stonehenge: huge stone statues depicting different events of Georgian history and its figures, and massive columns rise on the mountain by the sea - the impression is very strong! Plus everything - a breathtaking view of the city and the sea. Be sure to come.


The easiest way to get there is by car. You can try public transport - buses number 111 and number 60 to the stop "Military School".