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Qwest Helicopters Georgia - Tbilisi
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Qwest Helicopters Branch in Georgia was formed with inspiration to develop high class air services company with synergy of international and local exerts that would standout on local and regional market.Qwest Helicopters holds Transport Canada issued Air Operator Certificate. It possesses a varied fleet of aircraft for charter in Tbilisi and locations throughout regions of Georgia. Qwest Helicoters fleet includes 16 helicopters: Bell 206 Jetrangers, a Bell 205 A-1 Huey, Eurocopter AS350 A Stars, and three Eurocopter AS365 N1 Dauphin helicopters. These ships enable Qwest Helicopters to approach any project with the best tools available. In Georgia currently we operate Two Astars and arranging Dauphin transportation. Learn more about our fleet below, or contact us today to book our services.Qwest Helicopters provides reliable helicopter service. We offer a wide range of services to our clients, which include crew transport, oil and gas, forestry, wildlife management, airborne video and photography and much more. We invite you to look over some of the services we offer on our website and contact us today to get your experience started. To better serve our clients, we can provide the ultimate viewing, photography, or video platform. We can provide a moving map display, with which we can download and save your flight for review later on digital or paper formats. We can also photograph or video your project for you in virtually any format you require. Many other capabilities are possible - just ask how we can help you!