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The Great Georgian Restaurant. I imagine that nobody lands up in Tbilisi and leaves without tasting this ubiquitous cheese-filled bread. It's an indispensable part of menus in Georgia - except for menus at fancy restaurants that strive to put themselves at a slight remove from traditional fare. You won't get Khachapuri there. But I have memories of eating fresh, gigantic, calorific khachapuris every day while it rained, wolfing down mushroom soup and tkemali (a plum sauce). The food in Georgia! I raved about it after a visit. With a combination of rugged mountains and majestic lakes, vast stretches of grapevine-studded flatland, verdant soil, sweeping hills and a culturally rich capital city, there is something altogether enchanting about the country of Georgia, We started the great georgian restaurant to serve the same feeling of georgia.