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Woman and health is the first in Georgia clinic of aesthetic medicine, which still occupies leading positions on the market. Doctors of the clinic are a team led by the coryphaeus of plastic surgery - David Tsitsishvili. The medical team is staffed with top-level professionals. It is their merit that for many years the clinic has enjoyed such high authority, has a positive image and a huge number of satisfied patients. The clinic offers a wide range of aesthetic medicine: 1) plastic surgery; 2) cosmetology; 3) dermatology; 4) Massage, relaxing and massage procedures (manual and machine) In the 21st century, cosmetic care is important for everyone. The process of suspending aging under the right conditions and professional cosmetologists is already real. Clinic Woman and health offers Plasma lifting, wrinkle correction, augmentation of superficial and deep wrinkles, correction of cheekbones, consolidation of facial oval and modeling, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, facial collagen, etc.