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About Us Natali is a strong and respectable brand in the world of beauty. The first Natali Beauty Salon emerged in Tbilisi in 1995. One of the most important principles the work of the beauty salon network is based on is offering our clients quality service in two price categories: STANDARD, and PREMIUM. Today, Natali consists of: BEAUTY SALONS, offering hair, nail and cosmetology services in economy and standard price categories; BEAUTY AND HEALTH CENTER, combining hair, nail, and cosmetology services as well as an exclusive spa by Germaine de Capuccini and a tanning studio; offering services in standard and premium price categories; IMAGE ACADEMY, graduating salon service specialists; DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, representing leading European beauty brands in Georgia. Natali Anti Age Clinic Aesthetic center, which is the latest in laser therapy and injection methods provides you healthy beauty! Natali – Network of Beauty Salons offers: CORPORATE SERVICES based on the SUBSCRIPTION system. A company should make a flat payment that includes corporate discounts in order to purchase subscription services for their EMPLOYEES; GIFT CARDS; SPECIAL SERVICES after 24:00, provided after a reservation is made at 50-100% extra charge;TRAVELING CLIENT SERVICES provided at 50-100% extra charge.