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Art-Café HOME is located literally in the heart of Old Tbilisi and is the best destinations point to start a weekend. Already 4 years, it operates as a Pre-Club Cocktail Bar with talented Georgian DJs playing on weekends and offering unique cocktails with affordable prices. It has 4 floors, including veranda and Rooftop with amazing views on Tbilisi. Art-Café HOME inside out is very artsy. HOME GALLERY conducts sales exhibitions as well as organizes small art fair of paintings created in 89-91 years by Georgian Artists. The exterior of the building is very minimalistic that make it stand out from the old Tbilisi style buildings, while its unique Interior is a great example of 90’s Contemporary lux design. Moreover, having proper Kitchen menu, friendly staff and safe environment makes Art-Cafe more interesting to experience. 3rd floor veranda and Rooftop on 4th floor are only smoking areas in the house.